Friday, June 29, 2012

Teen Guest Blogger Reviews "Tiger Lily"

In continuation of our Teen Blogger series, 13 year old Maggie reviews Jodi Lynn Anderson's new novel Tiger Lily.

Tiger Lily was something of a magical book. I was immediately captivated just by looking at the front and back covers, but as I quickly began the first chapter, my interest for the story diminished with every page. It wasn’t for poor character development, or boring plot, or cheesy writing, it was more a lack of all three. The first quarter of the book simply was too slow, and with each page I read, it felt like I was trudging through an endless stretch of thigh-high mud.

 And then, right around page eighty, something peculiar happened. Almost like a bursting dam, everything that makes a story amazing came out of nowhere. Intriguing characters, fascinating plot, romance, adventure, wit, wisdom, and the pure delight of a good book exploded onto the pages and suddenly I had my nose to the paper, soaking up every word as if they would disappear in seconds. I read and reread paragraphs that I loved, laughed out loud at the bumbling and goofy Lost Boys, smiled at the young Sky Eaters, and let my heart devour Peter and Tiger Lily’s romance. When I figured I should take a break from reading, I closed it up and put it down for about five seconds, and then I felt like I had let the book down, like if I had a minute or two more to read, why shouldn’t I?

I ended up reading around two hundred pages in one night, just because of that theory. And once I closed its magical pages for good, I lay in bed, unable to go to sleep because certain lines, twists, and tidbits from Tiger Lily floated around in my head, never going to let go. Tiger Lily might’ve not won me over at first, but I know now that sometimes you have to dig a little deeper than normal to find the gems you want. Jodi Lynn Anderson has crafted a fantastic novel for fans of Peter Pan and a good book alike, and it is certainly destined to become a star.

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