Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More "Wonder" Love: A Teen Guest Blog

We've already told everyone how much we love R.J. Palacio's fantastic book Wonder and now we are here to show our readers how much teens are loving this amazing debut. 14-year-old Warwick's blogger Maggie perfectly describes her love for the novel here:
If I could only use one word to describe Wonder, I would call it, well, a wonder. There are so many reasons why, from the characters to the plot to the style to the fact that it was the first book I would hide behind my binders just so I could read it during class without getting into trouble.  
I picked up this book, expecting a standard, tried-and-true plot about an underdog rising above expectations, conquering his fears, and living happily ever after. However, after the first couple of pages, it was clear this was not the case. August Pullman, the fifth-grade protagonist with severe facial deformities, and the stories behind him were intriguing and enthralling, not at all the softy stuff found in most books. Author Palacio’s style of short, choppy chapters kept me from growing bored and although the plot lacked spice, it was a strong portrayal of day-to-day life from the eyes of those we commonly dismiss as the disabled and handicapped.
 Overall, Wonder is a wonderful book that I connected to on so many levels. It made me smile, laugh, and cry all in a span of a few pages. Reading the final words on the last page left me with a lingering sense of satisfaction and I can’t wait for a sequel of August’s adventures or even another novel from this amazing new author.
 Maggie, the Warwick's staff couldn't agree with you more!

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