Friday, December 17, 2010

Anne Rice Returns

On December 8th, bestselling author & former La Jolla resident, Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire, etc.) returned to Warwick's to sign her latest novel, Of Love and Evil. The La Jolla Village News was there and Claire Harlin conducted this great interview with the author: Author of "Interview With the Vampire" and former La Jollan opens up about success, inspiration, Diet Coke.

From the interview with the (author of many books about) vampires:

...writing for me is a vocation, not just a profession. It's my life. I really do want to create books that people will not only love, but never forget. It's the only thing I have any talent for at all in this world. I can't dance or sing or play the violin. And the meaning of my life depends on my writing and offering books to my readers.

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