Monday, February 8, 2010

Picking Up The Postmistress

by Heather
I just wanted to call a little attention to a wonderful new book being released on February 9th. The Postmistress by Sarah Blake was one of those books I picked up, looked at, then promptly put aside because there was a) no horrific murder b) no fairies or vampires or c) it just didn’t look exciting enough. So that was pretty much it, I lifted it up, glanced at the cover, and threw it back on the pile…Until our rep came in, picked it up, and told me to read it. Now, usually if someone tells me to read something I look at them, roll my eyes like a rebellious teenager, and give a sarcastic response, but seeing as how I have fortunately grown out of my teen years, instead of dismissing him I asked the question “Why?” His response: "Because it’s a really good story, and I guarantee that you’ll love it." Well, because I trust him, I read it.

What can I say? He was right. The Postmistress is an amazingly well written and captivating novel. The story, which takes place in 1940, is just plain good. It’s at times deceptively simple, yet deals with complex issues such as war, the impending holocaust, guilt, love, and loss, smoothly, in a way that draws the reader in, making it difficult to put down (although, I do have to admit to putting it down briefly, when I was laid up in bed with a busted ankle). The Postmistress is a human story; one where the characters breathe like flesh and blood people and an era of fear and uncertainty is drawn beautifully. This novel, that I threw back on the pile turned out to be an addicting, suburb piece of literature, that fools you with its simplicity and goes on to create a wonderful reading experience.

So, on Tuesday, February 9th head on up to our front window and pick up this wonderful new novel. Enjoy its style, laugh, grieve, and thrill with its characters and have a fantastic time enjoying a truly superb story.

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