Friday, May 4, 2012

Mini-Review of Veronica Roth's "Insurgent"

This follow-up to 2011's Divergent is a high-paced, action filled, novel that engrosses readers from page one. Taking off exactly where its predecessor ended, Insurgent follows Tris Pryor and the other survivors of the Erudite/Dauntless attacks as they find themselves scouring the city for allies amongst the other factions, and the surprisingly organized Factionless. Alliances form, war is waged, and a shocking betrayal turns Tris’s world into an almost unrecognizable battlefield, as she must determine the course of the future. Highly engaging, author Veronica Roth proves the ability to deftly handle the intricacies of war and the need to survive when there is seemingly nothing left to survive for. Beware, like Divergent, the ending is a shocking cliffhanger that leaves readers frothing at the mouth for more. This is the sequel to read, a must for fans of The Hunger Games, Legend, or Matched, guaranteed to absolutely glue you to the page.

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  1. Divergent drew me in right away and this book starts off exactly where the other one ended. Insurgent is the much anticipated sequel to Divergent and I will say that in my excitement I devoured the book. The plot thickened and become intense. The entire book was action packed with things unimaginable. Veronica Roth is a writing genius.

    Your favorite characters that made it through Divergent are back. Four and Tris, Caleb, Christina, Uriah, Peter, even Edward. There are many surprises as well. The plot thickens and twists. Enemies are allies and allies are enemies in this book and you don't know who you can trust anymore. The story is about the factions falling apart to a war against themselves.

    The end opens up a lot of answers and leaves you with more questions and excitement. I believe it will be an incredibly long wait to see how everything plays out and all I can picture in my head is the ending. You will have to read it to see what happens... But I want to throw a WOW, AMAZING, and OMG in there.