Thursday, August 5, 2010

Warwick's Books Presents Don Winslow

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Don Winslow, a great bestselling Southern California author, but also a great friend of the store, dropped by Warwick’s July 19th, 2010, to read and discuss his latest novel, Savages. Don talked about what influenced him and the inspiration he took from the filmmakers of the French New Wave for the style and structure of Savages, with its short jump cuts and fast pace. He also took questions about such things as his upcoming prequel to the legendary novel Shibumi by the late Trevanian and shared with the packed house the pitfalls of sharing the name Don Winslow with an author of, shall we say, downmarket adult fare. Ahem.

Signed copies of Savages, Winslow’s blazingly fast-paced crime noir of the SoCal/Mexican border drug trade, are still available for sale at Warwick’s.


  1. far, it's awesome. Sequel to Dawn Patrol? I'd rather a sequel to a a much better novel, Frankie Machine. I felt Dawn Patrol was like a run-of-the-mill script for a CSI episode. I hope Winslow doesn't start to write "only" surfer related crime.

  2. ...and hey it's not because I am from Eastern Canada. Point Break is one of my all time favorite action films, just think if the future novels get too "Hollister" it will definitely take away from all the other cool directions Winslow can go.

  3. Dallas - Don talks a bit in the video about his next book - an authorized prequel to Trevanian's classic crime novel, Shibumi called Satori, due out next March.

    And like he also mentions, The Gentlemen's Hour (the Dawn Patrol sequel) is pretty far away from being published in the US - a huge legal mess for him. So that may leave more room for non-surfer novels as he moves forward.